Hybrid is a potent pre-workout performance enhancer and great energy source for working muscles and creates a positive impact on performance.


Hybrid’s power-charged formula arms your body to meet higher energy demands. This goes for both high intensity training as well as endurance training.

Hybrid not only boosts your body’s ability to stay energised for longer and more intense training sessions but also allows for faster recovery leading to a better workout every time.

Hybrid Amino Plus Pre-Workout Formula.

Formulated to maximize the most important components required to improve your workout.

Enhance fat oxidation and  train harder for longer periods without fatigue.

Explosive Energy Explosive  Endurance. Explosive Strength.


High InteNsity Training

Endurance & Resistance 

Boost Nitric Oxide

Increase Blood Flow To The Muscles.

Increase Stamina

Keep Up The Pace.

Enhance Muscle Strength

Get Stronger With Each Workout.

Accelarate Muscle Growth

Increase Your Muscle Mass.

Increase Mental Alertness

Stay Focused and Mentally Energised.

Speed Up Recovery

Delay Fatigue. Get Back To Your Workout Quicker Than Ever Before.

BCAAs - Cellular Level Nutrition

More Muscle Energy, Higher Muscle protein synthesis

Increase Muscle Development, Recovery and Lean Body mass.

Improve exercise performance and endurance.

Caffeine - Charge Up

Soar with a boost of energy and strength. Deliver rapid and dramatic results.

Kickstart metabolism and take endurance to another level.

Maximum focus

Enhanced performance

Intense energy

Explosive power

Amplified pumps.